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Hostilities in Gaza, UN Situation Report as of 21 July 2014
Live Blog #GazaUnderAttack – Day 16
#GazaUnderAttack – Day 15 - Live Blog
Hostilities in Gaza, UN Situation Report as of 19 & 20 July 2014
#GazaUnderAttack - Day 14
RAW: Al-Shujaiyah Massacre

This video shows bodies of all ages littering the streets of the Shujayea (Al-Shajaiyah) in Gaza, killed by Israeli terrorist bombardment. It was taken today. We must warn you this contains distressing images of death.


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The failures of Abbas leadership

The failures of Abbas leadership

Much of Hamas’ confidence comes from the Palestinian public, who see it standing up bravely for the national cause while Mahmoud Abbas plays the diplomatic supplicant.

The failures of Abbas' leadership

Shock and paralysis have taken hold of the political world in the Palestinian Authority and the Palestine Liberation Organization, in light of the continued Israeli assault on the Gaza Strip and the enormous concern over the fate…

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[su_video url=”rtmp://”] RT Live:

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RT Live:

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#GazaUnderAttack – Day 13
Occupation of Palestinian Territories Likely to Intensify in Coming Months

Occupation of Palestinian Territories Likely to Intensify in Coming Months

Jeff Halper says that the Israeli public does not generally put the cycles of violence with Gaza and the West Bank in the context of decades-long military occupation, and that this leads to support for further domination of the Palestinians Transcript

ANTON WORONCZUK, TRNN PRODUCER: Welcome to The Real News Network. I’m Anton…

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Hostilities in Gaza, UN Situation Report as of 18 July 2014
Hostilities in Gaza, UN Situation Report as of 16 July 2014

Israeli Crowd Cheers As Missile Hits Gaza Live On CNN … But CNN reporter think you should not SEE their cheers

Witnessing Death in Gaza and Cheering Death in Israel

Israeli people does not spare a chance to express their hatred and thirst for blood.

Eight years ago, the Zionists and their ilk opened doors of hell on me when I first published the infamous photos of the Israeli little girls, signing their “Die with Love” message on bombs in their way to be fired at innocent civilians in S. Lebanon.

The Zionist then did not admit to be the inhuman they are.

But who can forget the massacres that the Israeli terrorist gangs committed in that war.

Two days ago, I published new photos taken from an interview with some Israeli soldiers stating their “mission” loud and clear – “All these Arabs should be killed”. “There’s nothing we can do. There won’t be peace with them. RETARDS“.

That’s all what they learned to feel toward and do with the owners of the lands they occupy, the Historic Palestine.

And few days ago, HUMANS were disgusted, again and again, when they saw the pictures of the Israelis sitting in the so called “Sderot Cinema”, eating popcorn, drinking beer, cheering and enjoying the hell-show falling on Gazans heads.

Click on thumbnail to see picture of “Sderot Cinema”

But last night, we witnessed it LIVE.

While the Israeli terrorist gangs invaded Gaza and started a ground operation to continue their massacre, and while viewers were watching the live bombardment of Gazans, one of the pro-Zionist Main-Stream-Media channels (CNN International) provided us yet another evidence of this inhuman nature of Zionists and their supports.

(un)Fortunately, during the ‘show’, CNN reporter Diana Magnay presented the world with a live evidence when a guided missile was fired from the Israeli side toward Gaza. As the missile hit its target, the sick Zionist Israeli crowd started cheering, enjoying the massacre show. As of the time of writing this post, Gaza’s officials reported that more than 20 innocent civilians, including children and women, were killed, and a lot more injured during the overnight massacre “SHOW”.

But insulting our brains and pretending that this didn’t happen, few minutes later, the reporter, CNN’s Diana Magnay, tweeted this and then deleted it about 20 minutes later:

Israeli Crowd Cheers As Missile Hits Gaza Live On CNN

I wonder, why would she do so? What else can it be than stupidly trying to cover her ass as if she didn’t say it. Diana, you said it LIVE, and the world is not stupid like you not to know that when words are said and published, they can’t be taken back.

In fact, a similar tweet by CNN Video still stand. Well, until Zionists masters complain and the pro-Zionist slaves get it removed too, as well as deleting the video report maybe. But fear not, I have kept a copy of the video and a screenshot of the tweets, if you need them.

During this sick show in “Sderot Cinema”, Palestinian civilians were witnessing death on their side. As booms continue to sound out over live stream from Gaza, a Palestinian resident talks to the BBC about life under the bombardment.

What more does the world need to see the truth of Zionist and the terrorist entity called Israel? When will the world open their eyes and ears to see and hear what these monsters really are? How many more children, women, elders and handicapped have to be killed before the world see the blood on Israel hands?

Maybe one day they well, but I hope it won’t be too late for everyone!

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Witnessing Death in Gaza and Cheering Death in Israel Israeli Crowd Cheers As Missile Hits Gaza Live On CNN … But CNN reporter think you should not SEE their cheers…
#GazaUnderAttack – Day 12
Online Live Stream From #GazaUnderAttack